Who do we serve?

The Farmer

National Hemp Expo features an extensive lineup of exhibitors that cater directly to farmer needs. Every event includes numerous genetics companies selling seeds, clones, and more. Multiple equipment manufacturers featuring the newest technology available to the hemp farmer.  Nutrient and Fertilizer companies showcase the best they have to offer the cannabis industry to ensure the best possible harvest! Attend a wide range of educational siminars to learn the newest techniques to growing! National Hemp Expo has all the bases covered when it comes to farmer needs!

The Prossesor

National Hemp Expo is a great event for processors to find the newest equipment for extraction, drying, chromatography, and more! Network with buyers for processed goods or farmers for raw material. Learn about the newest possessing methods and technology during the seminars! National Hemp Expo is guaranteed to be a great event for any possessor small or large! 

The Manufacter

Manufacturers will find a ride range of resources available to them at National Hemp Expo! Network with packaging companies, raw goods suppliers, distributors, retailers, and more! Whether exhibiting or attending there are many opportunities for manufacturers to utilize National Hemp Expo. 

The Retailer

Explore a wide range of CBD brands and Hemp products at National Hemp Expo! Find the hottest CBD and Hemp products on the market, from the best brands of the industry! Attend marketing and retail seminars to learn newest marketing and advertising techniques for the CBD and Hemp industry. 

Our Friends and Partners